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My Children and I Have A Wonderful Experience

I received prenatal care for three of my children at TCA Health. I can’t say enough about this clinic. Everything you need is here. Pediatricians, nutrition programs, the dentist, you name it. And it’s right in my community so I don’t have to worry about transportation and gas money. The people here are friendly and the staff are amazing. They are very supportive and understanding of my needs as a mother. They go above and beyond to make sure my appointments go smooth and my children and I have a wonderful experience. Everyone here is like family. They really do care and I love coming here.

Tanisha Bass | Mother and Long-Time Patient
I Love Working in the Community I Live In

I love working in the community I live in. People know me from the clinic and they ask questions when they see me. Every day I’m hearing someone tell me how much I touched their life. There is one patient who referred his brother who had been diagnosed with cancer but had no health insurance. I helped him sign up and get health insurance and he received the critical treatment he needed. Now every time that patient sees me, he thanks me for saving his brother’s life. It really feels good to know I am making a difference in my own neighborhood.

Henry Scates | Resident of Altgeld and TCA Health Employee
This Clinic Saved My Life

I have been in this community for many years and TCA Health has always been a treasure. I had very high blood pressure and came to the clinic feeling very ill one day. They rushed me to a hospital emergency room immediately where I found out I had been having mini strokes and didn’t know it. Now I participate in the walks, the health fairs and other programs – and I’m much healthier. This clinic saved my life and they are always doing things to become better such as surveys to learn from the patients. Staff even knock on doors to help people get health insurance. They are on these blocks and in the field doing the work that needs to be done for our health.

Sharon Davis | Patient for Over Twenty Years
The Staff are Extremely Helpful

Our kids come to TCA Health for physicals and dentist visits. The staff are extremely helpful, the waits are short, and the clinic is filled with resources and information on things to do in the community and ways to stay healthy. The kids love to plant seeds in the garden and learn about nutritious foods. TCA Health goes above and beyond to make sure they learn about their health at an early age. This clinic provides much more than basic health care needs.

Sheri Dugas | Family Development Worker at Chicago Youth Centers